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"Superior English Wines...Astley Veritas 2007"

    Jancis Robinson MW [2010]

Old Vine Kerner 2015 - "One of the most iconic and romantic of all English dry white wines...I have stalked this creation for many years because it has a unique flavour and texture and it is unequivocally English ... I have tasted a few worthy examples from northern Italy, but Astley's blush-inducing wine is the finest version I have had the pleasure of meeting"

    Matthew Jukes [Feb 2018]

"English wines to toast on St George's Day...Astley Vineyard Old Vine Kerner 2015...peachy precision"

The Guardian [2018]

"One of the best wines that we wanted to include in our round-up – Astley Veritas from Worcestershire – had already sold out by the time we published."

The Independent [2017]

"Proof that fine sparkling wine don't have to be made from Chardonnay & the Pinots...a strikingly distinctive sparkling wine, both in concept and in character."

Great British Wine (blog) [2018]

"Deliciously different...a perfect partner for almost any kind of seafood caught off our coasts"

The Independent [2012]

"The wine to keep in tune with this harmony for me, would be a 2010 Kerner from Astley vineyards...the match is beautiful"

Sarah Riddle (sommelier at Sketch, London )

"Five of Borough Market’s best dessert and fortified wines...2014 Astley Late Harvest"

Jane Parkinson


IEWA 2020

Silver Medal - Old Vine Kerner 2016, Freya 2017

Bronze Medal - Vermouth 2018


Wine GB West 2019

 Silver Medal - Bacchus 2018, Branwen 2018

IEWA 2018

 Gold Medal - Vintage Sparkling Kerner 2014

Silver Medal - Bacchus 2016

Bronze Medal - Old Vine Kerner 2015


IWC 2018

Bronze Medal - Bacchus 2016

London Wine Competition 2018

 Silver Medal - Bacchus 2016

Bronze Medal - Old Vine Kerner 2015

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