Est. 1971

More than just a producer

Our Values

What is life without a purpose?

Since purchasing the vineyard, our family's purpose could have simply been “make and sell quality English wine” … but we care about more than that as people. Much more.  After all, this is a lifestyle, not a job.

So, what do we value?

Sharing & Education

We want to share our passion for wine, craftsmanship and the environment with those that want to learn. We want to educate generations of the future. We want to introduce more and more people to wine – and not just so they drink it, but so they think about it. We want to support our fellow English wine producers so that we all raise the bar collectively. We are not competitors, we are allies.

Supporting Local

We are an English wine producer. But more importantly, we are a Worcestershire wine producer. And we want to support every quality food producer and provider within our region. We are a proud artisan producer, and we strive to support other boutique, family owned businesses like ourselves. And we will always, always talk about the other businesses that have helped us.

Sustainability & Minimum Impact

We care passionately about the environment and aim to nurture, heal, and improve our surroundings. Our aim: to integrate the vineyard in harmony with the countryside. There is a long way to go, but we are committed to reducing our usage of herbicides and sprays, reducing additions in the winery, and educating a whole new generation of sustainability-advocates.

Approachable, Friendly & Personal

We want to make wine as inclusive as possible. We will never make customers feel unwelcome. There are no silly questions. We want people to feel our passion, and hopefully enjoy wine, and all food and drink, as much as we do. And when people visit us or try our wine, we want you to know that we have shaped our own future. There is nobody else pulling the strings.