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A new day, a new wine (or four)

Our new wines with brand new labels have been released! What a relief. Being such a small producer means that the likelihood of running out of stock at any time is rather high, and so, as a summer of wine tastings and reaching out to new suppliers came to an end, we were shocked to discover that we had sold out of our Late Harvest, Cirrus and Triassic 2015! RIP poor little wines. We enjoyed you while you lasted.

This past week, however, Astley Vineyard has turned yet another page in its 46 year history, and its wines are now being sold under brand new, lovingly designed labels.

So what about these brand new wines that have just been released?

Vintage Sparkling Kerner 2014

This story begins with our sparkling wine. Previously called “George Eckert Brut”, this is one of the wines that sets us apart as a boutique producer. We knew from day one that this was one of the products that deserved more of the limelight, and although not technically classed as an “English Sparkling Wine” because of the unusual grape variety, our old Kerner vines have proven to be the perfect grape for Astley’s sparkling wine. Late ripening, its high acidity and varietal character means that Kerner can stand on its own as a sparkling grape, thus producing different flavours from the classic champagne varieties. Think lemon sherbet, bitter almond, with perhaps a hint of garden mint. Incredibly fresh and crisp, with a strong backbone of acidity.

Bacchus 2016

Jonty, the previous owner, informed us that the 2016 vintage was one of the best years for the Bacchus that he had ever witnessed…and he wasn’t wrong! This now-classic English grape variety is similar to French Sauvignon Blanc in terms of flavours. Elderflower cordial, fresh green apples, and ripe pink grapefruit create an incredibly refreshing wine that is absolutely delicious. At a delightfully low 10.5% alcohol, this wine disappears in a flash when served chilled alongside an English goats cheese. This is a real Haywood family favourite and will likely feature in 2018’s wine tasting tours.

Sabrinna 2016

Sabrinna is the new name for one of our well known wines - Triassic. You adored this wine when you came on our vineyard tour in 2017, so we thought that this beautiful wine also deserved a face-lift. Unlike the 2015 vintage which many of you tried, the 2016 is a much fresher and elegant wine compared to the powerhouse of the previous vintage. This year, passionfruit, pineapple and lime come to mind, with higher acidity to balance against the residual sugar. This fascinating wine screams out to be paired with spicy foods like chorizo and charcuterie, and is surprisingly delicious with a local blue cheese.

Old Vine Kerner 2015

Our classic, signature wine. This is what many people know us for as a producer, and this vintage certainly won’t change that. Returning back to our unique old Kerner vines, this Riesling-cross produces a sophisticated and balanced wine that is as good as an aperitif as it is with food. White peach, toasted cashews, young mango, and perhaps a touch of white pepper on the finish sit harmoniously on your palate. Off-dry in style but high acidity means that this wine is equally intense, refreshing and elegant. Only 1,000 bottles of this wine are made every year, and its Riesling parentage means that this wine will only improve with age.

Our creative design team WeAreBeard in Worcester did an amazing job with our labels, so we will dedicate a separate post to what they have done with our rebranding.

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