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Winemaker Series - Orange Kerner 2018

Our Winemaker Series are experimental wines for the curious and the brave. These limited edition wines represent our passion and thirst for progression.


Orange Kerner is our very first attempt at making an "orange wine". Orange wines use white grape skins (which are usually discarded) to bridge the gap between white & red wine. These "skin contact" wines often possess tannins which aren't usually found in white wines. The flavours and aromas are often very different from those found in traditional white wines - akin to sour & lambic beers. Orange wines are often extremely food friendly.


Orange Kerner 2018 has intense, beautiful aromas of orange peel, orange blossom, fresh orange and fennel. Gently tannic, slightly sour (but balanced against a core of fruit) our winemaker Chris is exceptionally happy with this wine. This is the only skin contact Kerner in the UK. Less than 250 bottles made (270kg fruit - harvested November 3rd)


*Please note that this wine contains sediment. Do not be alarmed. First allow sediment to settle, and then avoid when pouring. Particles are non-toxic (they are a natural occurence)*


For technical details about its production, see adjoining notes.

Orange Kerner 2018

  • Grapes: Kerner

    Harvested: November 3rd 2018

    Skin contact: 14 days, closed vessel

    Ferment: Wild, started after 4 days

    Sulphites: Less than 5ppm (20mg/L total)

    Unfiltered & Unfined



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