Vermouth 2018

Batch 2 coming soon


Introducing our brand new, experimental Vermouth.


Vermouth is an aromatised (flavoured) fortified (strengthened) wine. Using the last precious drops of wine from the vintage, we designed a recipe of selected botanicals to make a refreshing, delicious aperitif/digestif.


Made with 9 different botanicals, our vermouth has aromas of fresh orange, apples, with herbal undertones. To serve, EITHER:


  • Neat over ice.

Perhaps add a splash of vodka or gin to make a martini. Garnish with a fresh orange slice.


  • Mixed with tonic

3/4 vermouth, 1/4 tonic (or to taste). Garnish with fresh orange.


For those who enjoy:

  • Vermouth
  • Campari/Aperol spritz


IEWA 2020 Bronze medal


Served at:

  • Lumiere (Cheltenham)


200 bottles batch

Vermouth 2018


    Style: Aromatic fortified wine

    Aromas & Flavours: Orange, Flowers, Herbs

    Service: Neat, or mixed

    Occasion: Aperitif or digestif

    17.5% abv




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