Vermouth 2018 (Batch 2)

Introducing our brand new, experimental Vermouth (375 ml)


Vermouth is an aromatised (flavoured) fortified (strengthened) wine. Using the last precious drops of wine from the vintage, we designed a recipe of selected botanicals to make a refreshing, delicious aperitif/digestif.


Made with 9 different botanicals, our vermouth has aromas of fresh orange, apples, with herbal undertones. To serve, EITHER:


  • Neat over ice.

Perhaps add a splash of vodka or gin to make a martini. Garnish with a fresh orange slice.


  • Mixed with tonic

3/4 vermouth, 1/4 tonic (or to taste). Garnish with fresh orange.



For those who enjoy:

  • Vermouth
  • Campari/Aperol spritz


This Christmas:

  • An interesting gift
  • Aperitif/Digestif


IEWA 2020 Bronze medal


Served at:

  • Lumiere, Cheltenham
  • Harbore Kitchen, Birmingham

Vermouth 2018 (Batch 2)


    Style: Aromatic fortified wine

    Aromas & Flavours: Orange, Flowers, Herbs

    Service: Neat, or mixed

    Occasion: Aperitif or digestif

    17.5% abv




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