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Sharing wine knowledge across the Midlands

Professional services and consultancy

Wine is amazing. Complicated, but amazing.

Wine is a mix of science, horticulture, art, business and

sheer experience. Which is all the more reason to get you and your staff educated and comfortable with the topic.

Whether you work in hospitality, are an aspiring vineyard owner, or simply a dedicated wine enthusiast, we would love to help you improve your wine knowledge in 2021.

Demystifying wine gives us a great amount of satisfaction,

so if you would like to learn more about winemaking, wine tasting, or viticulture (or teach your staff the above), you've come to the right place.

Trade education
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There is a big difference between learning something from a book, and experiencing it for yourself.  Let those who grow & make wine first-hand help you see it in a whole new light.


 Whether you manage a wineshop, restaurant or pub, and whether you want a one on one, or train all your staff, we can help you understand wine.

Topics we can cover

 Winemaking 101 - From grape to glass

How are grapes grown
The importance of the vineyard

Harvest day
Early winemaking
Filtering & final steps
Blending, bottling & beyond


 The language of wine - How to sell wine

Understanding your customer
Red & White wine vocabulary
Powerful & meaningful words
Do’s & Don’ts 


Wine tasting & analysis - Correctly describing wine

Wine aromas & flavours
Taste analysis
Blind tasting; taking away the label

We can also offer unbiased consultancy on your wine lists and wine pairings

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Wine Concierge

Looking to wow guests at an upcoming party, but don’t know what wines to serve?

Looking to buy some wines for your collection, but have no idea what to look for?

Perhaps you want a mystery case of wine to appear at your doorstep every few months?

Are you organising the drinks for your wedding, but don't know where to start?

Or maybe you just want to sit down with a likeminded person to pick their brain

as a winemaker?

Formerly of Harvey Nichols' wineshop where he served the likes of Alan Rickman & Kit Harrington from an array of thousands of wines, winemaker Chris is passionate about getting you to enjoy wine. So, if you would like to take the stress away from choosing wines (for whatever occasion) please get in touch. Our research is your pleasure!

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Chris Haywood

Winemaker & Sales manager


WSET3 Distinction

Plumpton College

2 years at Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge wineshop

People’s Choice Wine Awards judge

Passionate wine educator